Chaku | Artist

Hello! I'm Chaku, a mainly feral artist (but may draw anthro, too). I do both digital and traditional artwork and am active in various closed species communities. Feel me to contact me on any website down below!


Welcome to my commission page! You can commission me via
discord (Chaku🦎#3825),DM's on sites I'm on or on my deviantart commission journal!
Please make sure to read my T.O.S before ordering a commission!


Bust: 5€
Half: 6,50€
Full: 8€
+ simple Background Elements (like a platform): 2€

you will recieve a fully colored drawing of your character!
I will use copic & touch markers markers as a base and normal color pencils
for a smooth shading.
Simple small symbols and (such as stars, a flower etc) are free
Shipping can be discussed!

Digital Fullcolor

Bust: 5€
Half: 7€
Full: 9€
+ Background: 5€

you will recieve a fully colored and shaded drawing of your character
I usually use cel shade, but I can also provide a painted shading by request
Abstract backgrounds are free!



you recieve a flat colored custom character!
Will come with mini ref if requested (left &right, color palette)
When ordering, please fill out:

Character Description:
Design Likes:
Design Dislikes:
Gender (opt):
TH (opt):

Pixel icons

Static: 1€
Animated: 4€

you will recieve a 50 x 50 pixel icon of your character!
Will come with a 100 x 100 version if requested
Can come with or without outline, please let me know which you prefer when ordering
Group icons (50x100) are available as well and will be the double price

Pixel Pagedolls

Static: 3€
Animated: 9€

you will recieve a pixel pagedoll of your character!
Will be done in 200x200 sizes, except requested otherwise
Can come with or without outlines, please state your preference when ordering!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day ♥


Chaku's T.O.S

I drawI do not draw
feral, anthro/furry Fetishes
fandoms (such as Mobian, MLP, etc) official characters as well as fan FC'sHate art or political Art
Nudity and GoreNSFW art of underage or feral characters!
NSFW for friends only for now as I'm still practicing! 

▪ Payment will only be accepted in Euros and deviantart Points (1€ = 100 points)
▪ All commissions must be fully paid before I start working on them
▪ Please credit me as the artist if you repost my work for you on any website, tag my account if possible.
▪ I have the right to upload my art on any website I want to and use as examples

▪ I have the right to refuse a commission and give refunds
▪ If a refund is requested I will refund for the amount of work I've done.
▪ usually i finish my work in 2 months, but it may take longer especially when exams are coming up! feel free to always ask me on updates (especially if I take longer) or check my trello
▪ deadlines won't be accepted, keep in mind that I'm still a student

characters, designs, adopts
▪ Credit me with the first upload/drawing of a design i made, i'd love to see it!
▪ feel free to edit my designs in any way you like, no permission needed! (except it's a closed species of course)
▪ do not sell it for more than its worth
(what you payed + additional artwork)